Monday, May 07, 2007

Say Yes!

Say Yes

In the country a few weeks ago, my friends and I popped into a Kmart for a few things and to giggle together as we always do. And there were my pillows - perfect slate blue color - right size - not as elegant as I might have wished, but they'd definitely do for now. So back to NYC they came and, as has been the case with all the other cushions I've purchased and returned in the past six months, they didn't work. That meant one thing - this return involved a trip on the subway with three enormous puffy plastic bags of pillows. Not fun! I really didn't want to do this and put it off for weeks. But big puffy bags cluttering up closet space in a New York aparment is not fun either, so this morning I was determined to bite the bullet and take my cumbersome presence downtown.

As per my oft quoted Goethe quote on commitment, I committed to the task at hand and the Universe showed up in gracious support. An uncrowded subway came immediately and both me and my overly stuffed baggage had plenty of room to sit. I exited at 34th St. It was a crystal clear day, not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky, and brilliant light was crashing off the glass windows of the Kmart store which was right there - about 50 feet in front of me! (I hadn't known exactly where the store was.) The return counter was the first thing I came to in the store, the woman who helped me was lovely, and I was out of there with my paper work and no more pillows within three minutes. The subway uptown came immediately - an express train yet - and I was back home in less than 35 minutes. For you non New Yorkers out there, this was remarkable. And what I remember thinking and saying to myself, as I got off the train at 34th St. and noticed what a gorgeous day it was, was "Say yes to life." It never ceases to amaze me how supported we are when we stop resisting and are willing to flow with the energy. It's always there. Say yes to life!

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